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In this short video clip I’m demonstrating how to spray a can of Homax oil base orange peel texture on an actual drywall patch where I installed about 32 sqft of new drywall.

I think the spray can texture is Great for DIY texture matching!!

I’m spraying the orange peel texture on new drywall and the transition where the new drywall meets the old drywall and existing texture. I had to open up a wall to install some wood framing to support the Big Screen Plasma TV. The area has a medium orange peel that I need to match. I’ll be spraying this entire area with just one can of the Pro Grade Homax Orange Peel Texture.

**Be sure to shake the can well before trying to spray the orange peel texture!

All i can say is cover everything that you don’t want texture to get on in the surrounding area around the repair that you’re going to be spraying the texture on.

**Caution**- Always wear safety glasses and a respirator whenever spraying the can of oil base texture. Try and ventilate room by opening windows and doors.

Thanks for watching this how to match orange peel texture video tutorial!


More info on my website--->
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