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holes in siding

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hey guys, just bought an old house and i'm wondering how worried i should be about exposed wood on the exterior. i think it could be a problem, but i don't know how to remedy something like this the correct way.

so far contractors i've talked to have mentioned just matching a piece of the siding and putting it right over; another even said that they would put a piece of metal over it and just paint it a matching color. what do you all think?


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You have bigger problems than just siding. That siding needs to be replaced. Some of the old wood siding behind there is going to need replaced as well after being left exposed. It looks like the grade is too high and is probably making the problem worse.
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I would say this is more of a carpenter job than a handyman job. You may be able to find a qualified guy who is a one man show. The vinyl siding goes on/off pretty easily. You could do some legwork and see if you can match the siding ahead of time. If you can pop off a small broken piece, take it with you to compare.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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