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holes in siding

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hey guys, just bought an old house and i'm wondering how worried i should be about exposed wood on the exterior. i think it could be a problem, but i don't know how to remedy something like this the correct way.

so far contractors i've talked to have mentioned just matching a piece of the siding and putting it right over; another even said that they would put a piece of metal over it and just paint it a matching color. what do you all think?


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thanks 618, the grade around the rest of the house also seems a bit, uncomfortably, high.

is replacing the wood behind the siding something a contractor or handyman is capable of doing with little trouble?

and as far as the grading goes, i was considering taking a shovel and just digging down a few inches myself. think i could knock that out in a day? :)

i might need a little help with the side of the house though.. with all those plants in the way, and the street actually seeming to be at or above the grade of my house. ugh.
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guess i'll start looking for a carpenter.

thanks toms, i poked around at the exposed wood and it looks like the moisture content is around 12%. I'm guessing there's some worse pieces hidden somewhere else.

after inspecting the siding and determining if any wood needs replacement, is the solution to this problem regrading? if so is it something i can tackle myself?

i know someone mentioned before digging down and around the perimeter and filling with gravel, but i'm not sure if that sounds right.
thanks toms, i'm going to take a shovel to the dirt later on this week and get back to you.
i might make removing the plants and clearing up debris from the sides might be first on my list.

should i look into a french drain? or is a layer of gravel sufficient?
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