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holding tank pressure swich malfunction

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Hi, I have a well in Florida. Well goes to the pump with a pressure tank and switch. Then pipes from go to an aerator/holding tank with a submerged pump and a second pressure tank and switch for water into the house.

The second switch at the holding tank fried a lizard and shorted out. After changing the switch out, the new switch now rapidly switches on and off 5-10 times (very loudly) before staying engaged and running the pump. It does not happen every time. It cycles on and off at 30/50 lbs as I believe it should.

Any ideas? The system is about 15 years old.
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That is the classic symptom of a water logged pressure tank.
Here is a good article describing the operation of a pressure tank.
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Thanks for your quick response. I will remove and double check the switch for debris first. If the bladder failed, wouldn't there be no water pressure going into the house? I do have full pressure at all points in the house.

The pump maintains the pressure when it is running.
If the bladder failed, a number of bad things can happen, some unpredictable. So the short answer suggestion is to replace the pressure tank if the bladder fails.

A torn bladder may herniate into the connection pipe to the water system and cause erratic operation of the pump.

If the torn bladder does not interfere with water flow then the air cushion in the pressure tank will be gradually absorbed by the water. When the air cushion gets too small, that is what is referred to as a waterlogged tank and then the pump will cycle on and off too frequently.
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