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Hold-in-Place Construction Putty? Gum like liquid nail?

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What can I say .. I love liquid nail. Perhaps too much.

I was wondering, Is there a product out there that might be like liquid nail, but a lot more workable like gum - something like a sticky putty that could hold something up as it dries?

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2 part epoxy(the kind in a roll cut it & mix in fingers and smells like dog cr*p) will hold small stuff while drying, like the stuff the late great Billy Mays used to sell on TV. :thumbsup:
Yes sir, that Epoxy Putty is good stuff but it sure smells bad.
I use this stuff, haven't found one better for the price:

Be safe, G
Butyl tape works great for holding just about anything in place. Is just like you asked for, like a gum that comes in strips. I use it in conjunction with construction adhesive to hold whatever in place until the adhesive has time to fully cure. is one source, but you can find many other by doing a search for 'butyl tape'.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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