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Hitachi C12LSH for Baseboards and crown moulding?

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Have any of you used the Hitachi C12LSH or C12FDH? I need to buy a saw asap (preferably tomorrow if everything goes well) for 4" crown and 6" baseboards.

I posted here before about getting a Performax miter saw (and was dissuaded from doing so) for this and have since run into a C12LSH at a pawn shop for $225. I was about to snatch it up, however I hear bad things about wobble in the blade on the saw.

Can you guys recommend this saw for this fine woodworking or no?

I could also get the C12FDH from Menards this week, new for $200.

Will both these saws be ideal for this task? Should I avoid the LSH or will it do a good job if I am gentle with the saw? If so, will the 12" FDH do a precise job?

I really don't want to screw up these last fine touches on this remodel that I have to sell.

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I don't care if it is heavy; it looks like a tank, I expect it is heavy. :)

Do you find that it is square with the fence and not wobbly and have you used it for precise finishing cuts like crown?

Which part(s) would likely be the culprit(s) if there is some wobble in the blade as there appears to be?

Here is a blowout of the saw.

Thanks for your response!
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