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Hitachi C12LSH for Baseboards and crown moulding?

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Have any of you used the Hitachi C12LSH or C12FDH? I need to buy a saw asap (preferably tomorrow if everything goes well) for 4" crown and 6" baseboards.

I posted here before about getting a Performax miter saw (and was dissuaded from doing so) for this and have since run into a C12LSH at a pawn shop for $225. I was about to snatch it up, however I hear bad things about wobble in the blade on the saw.

Can you guys recommend this saw for this fine woodworking or no?

I could also get the C12FDH from Menards this week, new for $200.

Will both these saws be ideal for this task? Should I avoid the LSH or will it do a good job if I am gentle with the saw? If so, will the 12" FDH do a precise job?

I really don't want to screw up these last fine touches on this remodel that I have to sell.

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The C12LSH is in my opion one of the best saws made. Only problum is it's super heavy.
I mounted mine to a Ridgid miter saw stand and have a trailer with a landscape gate to get it around but I would not want to be moving this around every day in the back of a truck.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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