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Hinging MDF

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Hi, I have bought some thin 3mm MDF to make a farm layout for my Grandson. I am trying to fix the 2 sides together but the wood is too thin for hinges. I have tried glueing them on but that didn't work to well. Any ideas please
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Your materials way to thin.
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Yes I realise that, I am looking for another way to do it:wink:
Tape? As in Duct tape?
Here are some ideas.
1. Piano hinge or any hinge. Bolt and nut.
2. Epoxy like JB weld, but if wood to metal bond does not fail, a skin of mdf may fail.
3. glue and nail 1x2 along the hinge side.
4. Duct tape idea :thumbup: although gorilla tape would not peel off.
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