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high low side

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hey I have an old ruud, that I thought was out of freon. I added les than a pound and the low side shot up to 90 PSI. the high side was about 200. I could not figure out what was going on so I recovered all freon and pulled it down to -30. I thought maybe there was air in the lines or something. I put back in 2 pounds on a factory charge of 3.6 pounds and the low side is 100 PSI. The outside temp was 85. The compessor is working right since I am getting 100. the suction line temp stayed at 84 no matter what I was doing. I did noticed when I took the fan off the lines inside were very hot and so was the compressor. I cleaned the outside coils, but that didnt help.
Im thinking maybe blockage on the suction side?

Any clues?
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Bad valves in compressor need to replace the compressor.
Looks like air pressure in it. If you have a vacuum pump vacumm the system if not just purge it with the gauges
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