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hi everyone...

hmm... let's see, i joined this forum because i've always been into DIY projects and i'm about to take on a fairly big one, at least by my standards... i am moving from a larger house shared with 2 other people into a cabin that will be just me. i'm so excited :) anyway, i will be renting said cabin, but the landlord has given me permission to do some sprucing up if i want to. the cabin is... how can i say this... rough. previous tenants have really trashed the place, so a lot of my initial work will be cleaning. after that is done, i have a list of planned projects that i will most likely need advice on:

removing wall paper
filling all cracks and crevices
possibly texturing the walls
painting walls and trim
painting/white washing cabinets
possibly building/buying replacement drawers for the cabinets?

i am on an EXTREMELY tight budget for all this. the landlord has agreed to buy the paint, and i have some of the tools i need to do the job, but very little cash, so i'm looking for the cheapest way to do a decent job/make things work. i plan on doing a before and after series of pics as i go along, just for fun. anyway, i don't get the keys til monday, so i plan on browsing around here for a bit, but once i get started i'll likely have lots of questions.
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Welcome! Look for posts on drywall--learn the three types of mud--That's important.

See if if any friends or relatives own a table saw for your missing drawers.

Look for unwanted wood. And have fun----good going on your own place!!!---Mike----
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