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Hi, there! I'm new here and having some trouble getting around this site. There is so much stuff it's hard to decide where to go. Later this summer we are going to try to re-surface our countertop, which scares me to death. We're in a mobilehome so we'll be dealing with chipboard and very little of the front is actually straight. My husband retired 9 yrs ago and is not in good health also, but he's determined we have to do something as water has gotten under and has heaved it.
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hi and welcome to the forum! when you get ready to start, i'm sure you'll find plenty of helpful folks here willing to assist you.


formica nightmares ahead

I figured it out and no I'm not dyslexic:no:. I see your from SW Michigan. I'm from nothern Indiana. East of South Bend. My husband had said he was going to sand away the formica. I said we absolutely were not!! think of the dust all over the place and in everything, Oh My!! When I came onto this site I read where someone took theirs off by prying it loose. But like I said we are probably dealing with MDF and I wouldn't be surprised if we'll be taking chunks out with the formica. The other issue is the shape. Oh, well, we'll deal with it when we get to it.
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