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Hi, new here, love this site.

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Hi, I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I bought an old house about 5 years ago, It was pretty run down but liveable, So I've been renovating it, my work in progress. Things have slowed up somewhat as I recently became dad to 2 beautiful babies, boy and girl.
I thought I'd join this site because, I've found it really helpful in recent times when searching for info, when I needed to get something done.
So look forward to reading your text and sharing some stuff myself.
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Welcome to the site. I don't know how much time you will have to visit, with a new boy and girl, congratulations!!!

I visited Eastern Australia, back in '68, with the U.S. Navy. We docked in Perth and Freemantle, for two weeks. We received the most friendly welcome, thank you. Over 100 sailors were met on the dock and were invited to home cooked meals, or taken out on the town.

Looking forward to your input...... Be safe, G
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