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Hi, amazingly using search on DIY could not find any assistance in replacing an old defective doorbell. Can anyone help, Carol

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The button outside should have 2 wires to connect.
The actual door bell inside the house may have 2 wires or more depending on how many entrance doors ar belled.
It should be easy connecting the new ones the same way the old one is connected.
12V is less dangerous as well.

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.......replacing an old defective doorbell.
Carol,Welcome to the Forum

How do you know what is wrong, other than the doorbell does not sound?

The wired doorbell circuit has four parts
1) doorbell push button switch
2) low voltage transformer
3) bell or chime mechanism
4) Wiring to interconnect the switch-transformer-bell

Trouble shooting a doorbell is straightforward and usually fairly easy if the existing interconnecting wiring is OK

If you want to install a wireless battery powered doorbell there are many sources from hardware stores, Big Box stores, and through the net e.g.

Carol tell us what you want to do
Make existing bell work? (if it is a wired bell)
or install a new wireless bell?
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