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I’m Nathalie, aka NattysRubi, and I’m here hoping to lend a helping hand. I’m the wife of a millwright and through his eyes I know what it’s like to work in the trade (RedSeal) industry and struggle with the flow of paperwork. He does an amazing job at fixing machines but knows little about keeping books or effectively collecting money. That’s why we make such a great pair. I know absolutely zero when it comes to his tools yet I can pull out Word and come up with a kick a$$ safety manual for his men. I run a virtual business that helps other small businesses with their office requirements.

My passion is showing people new techniques to get a task done. I love seeing their expression when it “magically” happens or when they see how much it’ll save them in the long run. I’m here to share my knowledge and if the demand is there, I’d even be willing to make arrangements for a Service Provider’s spot if this site permits it.

What makes me tick? I have four beautiful children, most of them grown up and half of the crew has moved out. I love camping, fishing and 4X4’ing with my jeep Rubi :tank: . Animals are important too. At the moment, I only have an English Mastiff named Athena, one bearded dragon named Nip and my little big Ty who is a Black & White Tegu. This summer we’ll be building him a 10X10 run in the backyard. I’m excited for that.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Shout if you have any questions and hopefully you’ll keep me around for the long-haul.

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Welcome, enjoy your stay!

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