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Oh no, another Texan. HA HA! I posted yesterday without and intro, so here it goes. I sit behind a desk every day in a my cube prison. I have been doing DIY stuff for about 15 years.
After my Dad died, my Mom wanted to fix the house up and I said sure. I am self-taught. I started watching Hometime and Bob Vila and finally got the nerve to try this stuff.
I have gotten to the point where I will try most everything. I have come to realize that sometimes stuff isn't that hard if you do your homework.
I am currently thinking about tackling building a bathroom in the garage so that I or anyone else will not have to go through the house to 'go'.
I will try to give as much as I take from the site.

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Hey there GB, 'nother Texan here...not much advice to give on the bathroom build, not sure about what you already have in place. These guys know their stuff...I learn a lot just readin'.
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