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Hi everyone,,,also new here

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Hi. about 2 years ago, my husband and I bought a 1920's italianate townhouse. So, we have plaster walls to fix, settling to fix, painting and all the usual stuff. Last year we suffered flooding where the storm sewers backed up into our basement..had to cut all the drywall up 4 feet and that is how it still is in the basement. Still running the dehumidifier because we need to hire somebody to come clean out the gutters and install the gutter guards,,,,My husband is not a handyman and doesn't seem to be motivated to fix things, but our budget mandates that we do the, I am up to challenges and want to get things done so here I am. I have looked around the site and have found that here are a lot of members here with a LOT of know how which I need badly. Currently working on an 8 week project in our main bathroom upstairs. I learned that no matter where our next home is, it WILL NOT have wallpaper, ever. The rest of the rooms will be a lot easier to paint but as I said above, I have plaster walls and the one next to the stairway going up is cracking and hthe plaster is chipping off. So, I will have to repair those and re-paint. I wish I had the know how to tear down the plaster and drywall but I do not. On the outside we have found that the former owners did bandaid fixes to the cement and that is chipping away and the front stairs is disintegrating...the stairs are my next project..going to fill in cement and tile them which my neighbor did and it looks great. So, I will be in here a lot asking for advice and at times begging to get it because I don't have anywhere else to turn other than other forums. I decided though to utilize this one solely due to the knowledge that is prevailent in the posts I have read.

Anyway, enough introductions...Time to rock and roll with our projects :thumbup:

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