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Hi guys
I'm Brian and I just stumbled upon this site. I am a DIY'er with a few jobs under my belt, and I am about to embark upon a ummm, me...DECK project.

My wife and I bought our house about 3 years ago. Its a tenny tiny little house built in 1949 in Martinez Ca(SF Bay Area).

We had a beautiful baby girl in Oct, so my projects have been at a minimum lately:eek:

So far I have...
Replaced all interior doors, Remmodeled and tiled bathroom with Travertine, Built an outdoor sink/table and tiled(practice for bathroom), a bunch of landscaping, the baby room, painted every room in the house!

Just to show off, and everyone like pictures:thumbup:

BBQ Table

My Path


The doors(Oh god never again :)

I look forward to swapping advise and knowledge with y'all

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Welcome!!! Be safe, G

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Nice tile jobs
And I like those doors

Decks can be intersting
Do your research 1st

Wish I could have an outside area like that
I'll have a sink that will be connected to a hose
Pool area is too far from the house
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