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Hey from East Tennessee

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How is everyone?I'm happy to be joining the forum. It looks like there is a lot of great advice on here. Just a quick intro so yall can learn a little about me...

I'm 28 years old and just moved into a house last year that my wife and I had built on our family land. I love it out here. We can see the national park from our front porch rockers. My wife and I love the outdoors. We are avid hunters and fishermen. We mainly hunt deer and turkey, but once a twice a year go after bear or hogs( I hate hogs). We love to fish for bass, mainly smallmouth, and walleye.

I was working for one of the worlds biggest automotive parts manufacturers, but left to join a startup company building proton therapy cancer treatment machines, only to be laid off in a major layoff 6 months later. I'm still job hunting, but in the meantime I have been making this new house into a home.
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Glad to have you with us CJ, hopefully the job situation will get much better soon.
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