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Im a big DIYer with anything with engines or computers. With the exception of having a CNC wood router im pretty limited with my wood experience. If I have a guide or youtube I can figure most things out though.

But owning a home is a big mixed bag of learning all the trades or paying for everything.

My cape is not huge (1100 square feet) and the foundation is stone but its been sealed with dryloc. The 1 car garage is under the house and shared with the basement. Its not finished and has a french drain around the perimeter inside the basement leading to a sump pump. Ive seen it take in a tiny bit of water during a really long bad storm once in the year ive been there. But I noticed my downspouts were really short so I added extensions.

Im totally lost when it comes to building anything structural as far as a few walls or hanging shelves without a wall to work off. The basement has exposed wires/pipes in the joices and studs which is nice and easy for access. But one it would be nice to at least kinda half finish it one day so it looks nicer.

For now I need to build a free standing work bench that can hold scrap wood for the cnc lol.

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80 year-old? So, a new one.

Welcome! You'll find that none of this is rocket surgery. A trained monkey could do 90% of the work of gutting and renovating. It's that other 10% which takes a lifetime to perfect.

Assuming you're smart enough to read and watch videos, the hardest part will be codes and permits. Building codes, electrical codes, plumbing codes, when to pull a permit, what's required to fill in the application, etc.

Lots of help is available here, but you do have to ask specific questions. We can't teach you how to renovate a house in one post!
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