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Hey, a gardening forum! We like to grow Veggies

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For years we grew vegetables, but then our now five year old was born and things slowed down, and we moved.

We've been in our new house 1.5 years, did a tomato/hot pepper garden last year with some pole beans and cucumbers but that was about it.

This past weekend we've finally (thanks to the well/pump issue the past few weeks that I've posted elsewhere about) planted:

13 tomato plants
4 Bell peppers
2 or 3 Sweet long peppers
9 or so hot peppers

Then on the remaining rows planted seeds:

1 row: half lettuce half mustard greens
1 row: half green onions half spinach
1 row: cow peas
1 row: okra (4x4), couple Zucchini mounds, a Squash mound, watermelon on the end (kid picked that one out heh)

..sprinkled in some basil, and along the fence put green beans on one side and two kinds of cucumbers on the other.

here is where it is ATM, see attached.

You'll see a 300g tank, it has pvc that runs the perimeter with a shutoff valve on each row. I have taken the runs off cuz some are clogged I need to clean them but, in testing last year the system works........... OK at best. It's a nice idea but its just as annoying to fill the barrel daily as it is to just water, and the holes aren't placed well and the pressure is uneven so its just.. not super effective.

I'm thinking about one of these home depot kits that are timers and pressure regulators that you can put on your hose, and run as needed, little tubes to put drips and tiny sprinklers on. Haven't looked too much into it but did glance the other day online, was intrigued enough to get me thinking.

That said, I hate to abandon my current setup. Also, the wiring around the garden needs to be redone. Maybe with a footer board going all the way around the perimeter. Cats and other things get in too easy...

Also got these new tomato cages to try. Kinda modular..

Noticed last night the plants are getting white leaves. Unsure if scorch (watering about 530 or 6pm) or shock from the move outside, fungus.. or what. Hopefully they'll harden in the coming weeks.


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That's a nice looking garden. I like how you put mulch down to keep weeds off the paths between the rows.
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