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Heres a good one for you? this spot light~~~~`

This dorcy spotlight yellow heavier than normal 1,000,000 cp. My stepgranson squeesed the trigger and that is a no-no with these lights if they are pllugged in. I orderd a 1,000,000 cp from Amazon, pulled the trigger,,,,,,,,,,,,,and what a a total disappointment. I have old cig lighters, that were brighter than this thing .I called Amazon and they said throw it away! it can't be shipped back. We will return your money on the next card billing. This is all well and good, but i need a good one .like this old one was.I need to check my backyard For i let my little dog out.And the woods..... along ways back. do any of you know of this perdictament with these lights.
:( bob s

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