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Here to pick some brains

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Hello everyone.
I recently bought a house and have been encountering more and more projects and have little to no knowledge of what to do. So I thought I'd join up and see if I'd be able to pick some of your brains for tips or ideas.

I love tinkering with electronics and things. So don't leave anything at my house or i'll most likely disassemble it and void your warranty. :thumbsup:
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Hey altdon

Welcome. I'm new here too. Although not new to DIY. You can pick my brains anytime. Start posting in the other forums in here and i'm sure you'll be on your way to getting those jobs done. Then when you are addicted to diy and all your projects are done.....believe me you'll be looking for more projects to do around the place.

Once you got the sticks! :yes:

cheers Marianne
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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