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I'm a 35yo structural engineer in Baltimore who grew up in Philly. When i was a kid growing up in Philly, my dad never once had a repair man at the house. If he didn't know how to fix something, he figured it out. I learned a lot working with him - from soldering joints, to pulling wire and installing duplex outlets, putting up sheetrock and doing mud work, building a deck, fixing cars, you name it.

I fully intend to keep my dad's philosophy going as much as is feasible. I have particularly keen attention to detail, so i very much live by the saying "if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself". I used to be an avid forum user for my big hobbies like car audio, bodybuilding, and mobile tech. But forums have fallen by the wayside with social media and other mediums like Reddit. Admittedly, I've relied on Reddit for most of my home improvement questions, but I'm just so tired of all the trolls over there. It's so hard to get real responses anymore. I'm glad i finally found a very active DIY forum, because there didn't used to be any back in the day!

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