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Helpful info HVAC piston

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The New Goodman 14 SEER condensers, do NOT come with a piston. Think about it if you are putting in 1/2 system, changing from R22 to R410A or may need a piston match.
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Anything to shave a few cents off each unit.
Have well under 100 compressors fail in warranty because there's liquid flood back in certain conditions and the savings evaporate.

It's crazy to not include a piston - the coils are in nominal tonnage only for 13 seer; a lot of contractors won't buy the piston if a bigger coil is needed to get the efficiency.

It adds what, probably under $1 per unit - just increase the price by a buck for god's sake.
The wrong size flare nut simply doesn't fit (or so in theory, u techs may know different), is noticed right away.

Wrong piston - unit can probably cool for years with the problem never noticed depending on the caliber of the people working on the machine.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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