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I would like to replace these cheep windows withing something a little better. can someone give me a recommendation on how to flash the window by the stone work? I will be replacing the two single hung windows with 2 double hung mulled windows that fit the entire opening.

Here are some pictures for reference.

I am worried I am going to get water in by the sill if I do not do it right.



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Pull the wood, install sill pan (either flexible wrap or rigid pan), back caulk jamb side and head flange, set unit, square/plumb/level, cover jamb flange with butyl tape, cover head flange with butyl tape, leave bottom flange open, install closed corner drip cap at top of window between wood and window head, install small trim/drip cap on bottom of window behind wood trim that terminates on the top side of the stone.

You effectively can't terminate the bottom flange on the top of the stone based on how the wall was built so you need to keep as much water out of the opening as possible via proper flashing and drip cap at the head. A small transition flashing detail on the bottom (before the wood trim goes back up) should kick out the small bit that might get through. Might make sense to put that on before you drop in the window and just cut off the bottom flange and have the side flanges terminate on that stone flashing.
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