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Help with venting new bathroom

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I'm in the middle of a remodeling project and converting some underutilized space into a 5' x 9' full bathroom. I could use someone else's eyes on my DWV sizing. See the attached crude sketch.

The house currently only had one bathroom. What you don't see in the sketch is that the 3" stack is about 10' away horizontally. The 2" vent I have shown will actually run just above the new ceiling in a floor joist space 10' before tieing into the 3" stack. Same thing with the drain pipe - it will run about 10' horizontally in the basement before hitting the stack.

Am I looking at things correctly here? Any input would be appreciated.



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Much depends on the code in your area. Here (MA), that wouldn't pass inspection because the shower and toilet aren't vented properly. The shower vent has to come off the waste arm for the shower, rather than the 3" branch drain. Also, you can only tie the vent for this new bathroom into the 3" stack if the other bathroom in the house is not dumping down from above. If it is, then the new vent needs to tie in 6" above the flood level rim of the highest fixture served in that other bathroom, OR run out through the roof independently.
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Hard to tell on your two dimensional sketch exactly how you plan on tying some of this stuff together.....
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