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help with specs and spin info on older washing machine

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i have an older washing machine (maybe 10 years old) in my basement which i installed.
due to the location of the main drain, i had to tap into it high up, right against the floor practically.

it pumps the water out, but for some reason the clothes feel really wet and heavy at the end of the cycle. do you think it's just not pumping it all out because of the height, or do i have another issue going on?

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The answer may already be sitting in your tub. Is there a lot of residual water when you empty the clothes. Centrifgual force should spin the clothes as dry as possible. If there is too much up hill pressure the water could remain in the tub itself and theh clothes are simpley settling back into it. When a load finishes are the clothes at the top damp, but at the bottom soaked?
Do some nylon low absorbent clothes. These retain less water and normally spin almost completly dry in the cycle or bettter yet run an empty load . If there is still a lot of water in your tub you have a pump or drainage issue. You could also check your pump for blockage and your hoses.
There can be a lot of residial junk building up there so the extended uphill climb cannot be helping. I have seen pumps rot out and crumble at the hose connections form phosphates and other junk collecting in them.
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