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Help with replacing some glass

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I couldn't see another area to put this message, hope its ok in here....

I've had a quote for some glass that was around $100 direct from the factory.... I went to a glass installer and they wanted $495. Bit of a rip off I reckon when it will probably take them about an hour, at the most two hours...
So I'd like to attempt it myself otherwise I'll never learn :)

Here is where the glass needs to go

Here's a closs up

Hope the quality turns out ok.... Bit of background.
Originally when we bought the house it had ugly orange glass in this spot with designs all over it like the bottom of a coke bottom.
When we renovated, I had various relatives helping out.. of the things that went was that glass, but I don't know who took it out... now I don't know how its supposed to go back. It used to be just laqured wood frame but its been painted white.... all around the outside it still has putty on the frame with the design of the old window imprinted into it.. So first question is... do i have to remove all that putty and repaint it first?

When it comes to putting the glass in.... should I put a line of white silicone all the way around, press the glass onto that, put another line of silicone on the edge of the glass, then get some kind of wood beading to go around it? (then paint at the end).
This is how I think its done, but I'm just not sure.... With the wood beading.... how can I hammer it in place without smashing my glass? Its only going to be a very thin piece about 5mm or so I guess.
Am I on the right track?

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I thought I could use silicon all of the way around cause I know once i've chiseled out all the old putty, I'm not going to have a total flat fram that sits up against the glass...

Also I read on the net to use a heat gun to heat up the putty to get it off... (loosens it up a bit easier to get off) do you reckon I could use a hair dryer?? Even though its been painted over would it still be effective?
I just had a guy come and give me a quote... he said $200... I'm happy with that so I'll let him do it... if I was saving a few hundred I'd try it myself, might as well let the expert have a go.... he reckons silison will cover up all the putty indentations and doesn't thing it needs to be taken out.... saves me some chiseling time :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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