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Help with replacing aluminum windows!!

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Hey all,

I am wanting to replace my existing aluminum windows with vinyl replacements/new construction. However, my siding is also aluminum. How would I do this? I was thinking I could pull out the old windows. Then, I would cut off the nail flanges on the new windows. Put the new window in the existing hole, and then, just screw into the studs. Then add j-channels, probably before I put the new window in. The j-channels would be to help divert water from the window.

Is this a way of doing this project?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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You can get replacement windows without the nail fin. Save yourself a little time. Not sure of the openings that the aluminum windows are being taken out of. May have to trim and flash to protect from the elements. If you have minimal experience in window installation, I would recommend that you hire a reputable installer. Just would like to see them get installed properly.
Good luck.
Thank you for the feedback....
I have installed a bathroom window, which was glass block. Also, I installed a back door. So, I do have some knowledge of installing windows, I guess. The trim is connect to the actual aluminum window. I know I can get j-channels to put around the window opening, and under the aluminum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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