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Help with pole

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I have this cement filled pole in my garage that was put there to prevent a car from hitting the tank. It is however preventing my girlfriend from parking closer to the wall and now that I have a wider car, we can't get out of them when they are both in the garage.

Does anyone know what I need to use to remove it? Also, any ideas of what else I can use to protect the tank? I was thinking of boxing it in.


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I would take a sawzall with a metal blade and cut around the perimeter of the pipe then grab hold of the pipe and break it off the concrete. Then I would invest in a tankless hot water heater and then you wouldn't have to worry about protecting the tank because the tankless would be hanging on the wall.

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007 has a good solution:

Sawzall blades are flexible and you can cut the pipe by allowing the blade to skim the floor surface. You will however mark the floor permanently. Once the steel is cut all around the concrete inside will break off at the floor level or pretty close to it. You will still have the steel ring remaining but that shouldn't be a big deal. If the floor surface then has a pock in the concrete inside the pipe after the pipe is remove that little bit of damage is easy enough to fix.:) If you cut the pipe exactly at the floor surface there shouldn't be anything to fix except a little missing concrete inside the pipe.

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You may want to re-think just boxing it in. Check with your local Building Department before taking on the insurance liability of removing the required by fire-code safety bollard, pp.6;
I doubt your H.O.I. policy will cover any claims from damage/fire/explosion if hit with a vehicle.....

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