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I have two problem’s I’d like to ask for opinions and help with.

I was up in the attic searching for a leak that is causing the following pattern on a patch of ceiling right beneath a plumbing exhaust stack.

[Picture 1]

This has developed slowly over a period of maybe 5 years since the last time I thought I fixed the issue. I couldn’t see any obvious issues – no damp spots, leaks in roof. But it is right near an exhaust stack so I was wondering if water could be condensing on the outside of the exhaust pipe and getting into the ceiling over time.

While up in the attic I saw this on a separate exhaust stack (not the one near the ceiling damage):

[Picture 2]


- How concerned should I be about this?
- Is this something I can fix myself or am I better off just calling a plumber? I’m handy and willing to try new things but get a little nervous about dealing with things that go out of my roof.
- If I can fix myself, how should I go about fixing?

Is it possible that this break is somehow contributing to the original problem?

Thanks for any help or ideas.



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Couple things; Looks like vent stack came apart. (Offset). Where reducer meets pipe going through roof. Could just be pic.

Also check where it exits the roof. The rubber boot may have failed. May want to get a roofer and plumber.

I would fix it. Because along with water damage there is also the posibilty of sewer gas leakage.

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You can cut the steel pipe and use a proflex steel to plastic coupling you will need a 3 by 1.5 inch coupling piece of 1.5 inch pipe and piece of 4 inch pipe to put out roof. You may need to replace your roof seal if it is not neoprene rubber.
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