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Old lennox central AC system. The evap is a C5-495-1FF (if I read the tag right. the condenser is a HSW4 (or something like that) r22 2.5ton
the condenser is shot, wanted to install a new unused trane / american standard alligance 10 2ton unit we had sitting around our shop
the lennox looked like it did not use a TXV (of course) nor did it use an orifice tube ? we cant see and fitting on the evap coil to hold an orifice. It looks like they used a fixed length (50ft or so) capilary tube 1/4" which is very confusing. we installed the alligance unit a few days ago, upped the liquid line to 3/8" evacuated and tested the system filled with R22 and it seems to cool the house, but the pressure seems low 85psi low about 130psi high. I cant add an orifice tube (no fitting), could use the cappillary since it is still there, or install a TXV and have it done with. which would increase the SEER rating alot. any help apprecitaed
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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