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Help with new motion light

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Hi all, first time poster here.

My problem is with a new dusk to dawn motion light I installed. After installing and with the power on I set it to 'test' and waited 5 minutes for it to work and it didnt. I was 30' on a ladder with the sensor a foot from me. Bulbs were brand new. What I did notice was the LED was flashing 3 times, 5 seconds, 3 times.

I finally made all the settings, time on, sensitvity and set it to dusk to dawn, and told the guy to check it at night and see if it was working.

Well he just called me and said it was working but wouldnt shut off.

Any ideas? Bad light?

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What kind of motion sensor you have there ? and what type of bulbs you used on them as well ??

You should able double check the installment sheet or owner manual to see why the LED indentating light blinking that should give you a hint why it not functioning correct.

And some of the motion sensor will NOT work with CFL or LED's so that the other thing you need to check it out.

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