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help with low voltage landscape lights

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I would like to get some opinions on better landscape lighting than the Malibu 25W low voltage landscape lights that Home Depot and other big box stores carry. They continue to go out and seam to be different colors most of the time. Maybe just a shade off but not all of them always look the same. Is this an issue with cheap fixtures, type of bulb, wiring, or a combination of all 3. I am not looking to spend 100.00 per fixture but is that the only way? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Probably a combination of all three.

The most obvious problem is voltage drop because the wires are too thin for the current (amperes) used. This causes the lights to be dimmer the farther they are from the transformer and the more lights there are along the line.

Then, in order to have adequate brightness for the furthest light, the transformer probably puts out more volts than the lights really want, so the lights closest to the transformer burn out more quickly.
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