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Help with lag screw dilemma.

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I have a small covered porch with a post that I am replacing with a knee brace. A very light load, the kneebrace will support less than 300lbs. It was going to be attached to the side of the house with (2) 5/8" lag screws. Estimating where the studs would be in the house I expected there to be no suds in the location where the brace was to be mount, and I was going to do some 4x4 blocking to lag into. Problem is there IS in fact a stud there. So I can not do the 4x4 blocking I hoped for. I would really rather not attempt to remove the stud and replace it with say a 4x4. Can I just add in a stud right next to it and say use some 3" wood screws at like 3" on center to attach them together?

Edit, I have 2X4 walls, so can add in another 2X4 next to this stud.

I have attached a picture showing what exactly I am talking about.


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