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I have a bedroom addition that was put on last year and I'm looking at finishing it soon. Two of the walls have about 4' of block, and then switches to framed walls. The contractors put a treated wood 2X2 on the bottom, and then 2 X 4's on their sides. The 2x4's are held off of the block wall about 1/4" to 1/2" varying. The walls were tarred on the outside with a french drain run. They seem completely dry, but I'm still concerned on how to finish it. From what I've researched, foam board should have been put up first, then framinig over that. Since I cant do that now, and without ripping out everything that is there, what is the best way to finish it? Should i try and fish a 1/4" piece of foam board behind the studs, or try and get spray foam behind them and then 1" foam board between the studs? I'll try to grab a picture later today if it will help. Thanks.
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