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Help with Fascia trim

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I recently bought a house with a huge garage, my problem is that the previous owner never finished off the flat aluminum flashing around the perimeter for the fascia. They just installed the flashing without bending the bottom portion in...they just installed it flat with about an inch hanging down past the soffit. My question is instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars to rip down the existing and replace correctly is there a way of bending the bottom portion of the flashing thats already installed onto the fascia so to make a lip onto the soffit...yeah I know its not the correct way of doing it but since I just moved in I'm trying to save some money...maybe there's some type of jig I can make up to slide along the edge while nailing
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Whew! That's a tough one. Seems there should be a logical way to accomplish your goal, but I'm stumped as to how.

Biggest problem is that the factory bend has a 'Pittsburgh' roll on the edge (similar to the hem of a garment) to keep any wave out of the metal edge. Even if you COULD get it bent, the flap would undulate up and down all along its length.
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I agree with Willie. I have a small hand bender that is about 12" long that I use for small bends. I think it is made by Malco. I guess you could work your way down the fascia and bend it little by little. Your best bet is to remove what is ther, and replace it with pre bent aluminum. I think right now a 10' section is about 10 bucks.
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There is the remote possibility you could use a set of 6" hand brakes and try to put an L bend on it. You probably wouldn't be able to get it tight against the soffit but at least you might be able to get a 1/2" bend on it. Anything would probably look better than just running 1" past.

You would really have to take your time but I am guessing it wouldn't end up looking so hot. Trying to get an unnoticeable bend would be quite difficult.
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Wow...that was pretty quick, I wasn't expecting a response for a few days....that hand brake idea sounds pretty good. I'll try it out on the weekend. It would probably take awhile but heh...rome wasn't built in a day.
Thx for the help
You will have to remove it and replace it.
You'll see when you try to bend it.
Every time you move the hand break and make a bend, you will stretch the metal slightly. By the time you get to the end, you'll have nothing but unattractive puckering on the bend.

Best approach is to remove what's there and replace with new. A replacement piece can be bent and installed in half the time or less than you can work a hand brake down the length and the results will be ten times better.

If you buy pre-bent, it's a no brainer. Rip and replace.
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