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help with damaged engineered hardwood

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I am a college student and we have 2 weeks before our lease is up. We live in a townhouse and parts of our floor started to bubble up along the seams . Is there any way to replace the damaged sections? They are telling us that we have to pay to have the entire floor replaced. We had no clue that you couldn't mop it they never told us that, and I know that other units have had problems as well. Any help would be appreciated, and I believe it is not glued it is a floating floor.
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Engineered hardwood floors and water

Unfortunately engineered hardwood floors do not do well with exposure to water. Without seeing pictures it is hard to say for certain but it is likely that some sections of the floor are permanently damaged. However if you can find flooring that exactly matches what is there then it should not be necessary to replace it all. However, that may not be possible, especially if the floor is aged. In this case you may have to pay for the floor to be replaced. If that does happen make sure they do not charge you for a better quality floor than what is already there.

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