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Help with Carrier AC wiring

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First off thanks in advance to those that help with this. My wife is calling for the air conditioning, and I can't get it to run properly since I tried installing a new thermostat for the winter. I went back to the old thermostat, but I'm having a fan/ac problem.

My control board has C,Y,GC,GH,R,W in that order. My thermostat, has W, R, Y, G in use. Heater is working fine along with the fan, but when I attach the Yellow wire to GC, fan turns on immediately, but no a/c. Fan runs until I turn off the power to the unit. There are no jumpers involved. If anything else is needed let me know.

So, setup is
control --------thermostat
W white W
R red R
GC yellow Y
GH green G
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jumper gc and y on the control board
The wire from the thermostat's G terminal belongs on the control GC terminal.
The Y terminal of the stat connects to the Y terminal of the control board.

You may need to add a jumper from GH to GC on the control board, if one is not already there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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