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Help with asymmetric doorways (moulding)

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Attached is a picture (strangely rotated) of my problematic doorway. We are refinishing a living room, and there is also a normal doorway on the same wall. The three options we are evaluating for moulding are 1.) Simple mitered casing, 2.) Rosettes, 3.) A capital. On the full doorway, we are fans of the capital, but don't know if that would look ridiculous with one side ending flat against the perpendicular wall. Any advice?


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Are you talking about the actual door or the opening on the green wall? if the green wall, I would go for option #4, leave it as is.

As far as ending the molding against a wall, it looks wonky. Here is a pic from my bathroom I am redoing. It will looks less ridiculous when it is painted.

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IMO, to make it look not crazy, you'll have to build out what is the right side in the picture a bit to accept some casing on the right side. Therefore, loosing some of the doorway.
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