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help with adding a shed to an existing slab

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So I have a concrete slab 15x20 its 4 inches thick I would like to build a shed on it I am trying to find the best way to do this

I have thought about using 1 or 2 blocks then using studs and plywood siding and paint it

I have thought about using pressure treated and just screwing the toe to the slab

I want to do this cheap but I also don't want to replace the wood in a year
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15 X 20 is a large shed, I wonder if you require a building permit and, if so, is it required to be built in compliance with a building code. Assuming you do not require a building permit and do not have to comply with a building code, then a course of concrete block would be the way to go, your framing and sheathing (and wood siding) will last much longer. If you need to comply with a building permit the 4" slab on grade will not comply with most codes in most climates.
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