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Help with adding a new light circuit from an existing switch bank (three-way)

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I changed a double wall switch box to a triple, and ran a length of romex from there to the attic right above where I wanted to add a pendant lamp, and forgot about it for a few years. I connected the neutral line to the other neutrals that were all already connected together with a big wire nut. I left the black for a switch. But I didn't think about where I would get my line from.

Today, I hung the lamp, wired it upstairs, and have two questions about connecting it.

1. I realized that the switches that were already in the wall were the back end of two different three-way circuits. There were some red wires in there, but I didn't know where to put the line that led to the new switch I added. I ended up testing and found that it worked with one of the blacks that went to one of the other switches. Is this ok?

2. I needed to splice romex in the attic because I moved the lamp further from where I thought I would put it. I used a blue switch box, wire nuts, and a plate cover with no holes. Is this ok?

The lamp is going to be no more than 160w (4 candelabra bulbs) and may be much less if I go with LEDs.

Thanks for the help!
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1. If the black you found was not a switched wire then you are fine.
2. A box with a cover that is still accessible is fine. Being in the attic is considered accessible.
Thanks a lot...appreciate it! I was getting confused with the complicated wiring for three-way dimmers. As I finished up, my ground wire bent and touched the side of an adjacent switch, and ended up frying a dimmer on the other end...
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