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My Idyllis mini freezer crapped out and I took a chance at getting a 3 in 1 hard start kit. Im a little confused on the wiring though:

When I went to look at my compressor, I found this little white bugger plugged into the 3 prongs on the compressor. Into the white bugger, there is a black and wire that comes from the temperature selector switch, a white wire from the comes from the power supply, and a blue and brown wire that comes from this silver thing that was installed near the compressor. All these wires plugged into the white plastic adapter that plugged into the compressor prongs.

I know the red, black, and white wires from the 3 in 1 plug into the prongs on the compressor, but what do I do with the black wire from the switch and white wire from the power cable?



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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