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Should a crack isolation membrane be used for stone over cracked concrete slab

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Hello: I am new here but this looked like the right spot for information.
I have a house that is here in Tucson think hot and Dry. The house is on a concrete slab. When we bought the house it had tile and carpet that were placed when the house was built. There were no broken tile however some of the grout was chipped and some tile sounded hollow. We removed the old carpet and tile. Under the old tile there was "Tar Paper?" that seems to be stuck to the concrete slab floor with some adhesive. Thin set was placed on this and then porcelain tile on top of that. The contractor did the tearout and left town. There is a lot of this paper still stuck to the concrete. He says that it is okay to leave it and to just lay a floor on top of this. :huh:The slab has many cracks however I do not detect any vertical movement and most are long,but hairline less than 1/16th of an inch. We plan to place travertine floors in the house that seems to be the normal flooring around here.
First Question: Is it okay to just leave that paper?
Second Question: Should I Repair the cracks? How?
Third Question: I have been reading about Ditra Crack Isolation Membrane. I think that sounds like a good idea, however I may not be able to afford it. The local contractors I have spoken to look at me funny when I ask about it.

(I think that the tar paper was an attempt to decouple the tile and the slab)
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