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HELP: Standing water in front garden

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We live in S. Florida and when we have heavy rain, we experience standing water in the front garden against the exterior wall. It happens in the right side of the picture.

We are planning to add gutters to divert the water from the roof to the side of the house (top of the picture) . But we also want to raise the affected area by 4-6" (the right side of the picture is lower than the center).

1. Will raising the area reduce standing water?
2. If yes, what do I need to do?

Any help will be appreciated.


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#1 It's never a good idea to have anything that retains water right up againt the foundation.
It can attract subterraian termites, since they need moisture to build there tunnels.
It can also cause issues with the slab.
But to ansewer your question adding the gutters and raising the grade will be a big help to keep water away.
I think I would first add something like #57 stone, a screen cloth then the top soil to aid in drainage.
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Ayuh,.... While raisin' the grade to the right of the picture, may, or may not help,...

Lowerin' the grade on the left side of yer picture, WILL Help, Alot....

The grade is nearly up to the siding, Now...
When raising the ground, do not use gravel. That will leave a porous pocket for water to accumulate in.

Use dense material like fine sand or soil.
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Lower the area on the leftside of the photo to give water a path to flow away from your foundation. If this isn't possible (hard to tell with your photo) you can consider installing a drain instead.
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