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Hey all you creative people, I need help.
Two years ago, my husband and I completely refurbished a single-wide trailer (due to financial circumstances from the economy, but that's a long story).

It included an unplanned complete re-do of the entire bathroom. It turned out great except for the shower. We chose a middle-of-the-road shower kit made of high grade plastic that cost about $400.

While the wall panels and shower pan themselves have held up nicely and I'm happy with the quality, we have one major problem.

The manufacturer recommended ONLY silicone to seal the joints but there are several issues with that. Being a mobile home means that there is some 'give,' and in addition the silicone doesn't stick WHATSOEVER to the plastic anyway so any wiping or cleaning causes the beads to come right off.
Just the water hitting it causes it to come loose and subsequently it tends to grow mold around and behind the loose silicone (ick). Even if it wasn't in a mobile home, I think I would have the same problem in a house.

My question is, do you think I could use some kind of semi-solid flexible grout to fill the joints that would remain sealed, stick to the plastic without eating it, and be cleanable and 'sanitizable'? Any ideas or recommendations you have would be GREATLY appreciated!
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