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Help Replacing Pump Hose

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Please Help! Earlier tonight I hear the Audible pop as my washer spun out the water from my laundry.

I had a pretty good idea of where the problem lie , and I was right. One of the two pump hoses had exploded. Now I know I will need to replace it. but the problem is I am not sure how. Repeated Web searches show me how to replace the pump itself. but not the hoses... I am desperate

If there is a video put there I would be forever greatful

PLEASE HELP ME before my clothes get all moldy

Thank you!
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First off clothes didn't get mouldy before there were washers. Pull them out rinse them, ring them out and let them hang outside, like your MOTHER would have. Happy Mother's Day
If you post the model of your washer it would be a help.
The washers I have worked on have basic clamps where the hose meets the pump if it is the actual hose to the pump. You will likely have either a spring loaded clamp or a screw to relaese a traditional hose clamp. You may need only a pair of slip joint pliers and a large flat bladed screwdriver and perhaps a utility knife to cut away rotten hose.
You might need to buy a specific molded replacement hose depending on which one is damaged. Worst case locate the leak and post a photo. Inspect the pump while you are working on it and clean the area before installing the new hose. Generally pretty straight forward. :thumbsup:
If your hose appears molded into a contour, and it likely is... you will need to match it. Unscrew it and take it with you with model #
Odds are you will spend nearly as much using the HD hose pieces as a molded hose will cost especially if you modify it. The best tip I can give you since I can't see the pieces is to be sure that the new hose is not kinked anywhere where it needs to bend or you will cause back pressure and have another issue. Duct tape will lose it sticky ness as it ages, don't count on it to keep you flood proof:thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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