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I need some help to wire up a new light fixture

I took down my old light fixture and I have never seen anything like it

3 red wires- All connected to each other but nothing else

3 bares wires(all connected but nothing else)(these are the earth)

3 black wires- all connected at different points- I am assuming this is the wiring loop

THe new light fixture had a single adaptor for Live,Nuetral and earth so I connected all 3 red into a block and then into the new light, same with the earth

Now I cannot figure how to configure the black wires - I have ascertained which is the main live wire- I connected it individually to the light and once I turned the fusebox back on the light was on constantly

However witht he 2 other wires I am unsure of how to integrate them to allow the switch to work

I have left all the black wires disconected and capped while I try to figure it out, however now half of my upstairs lights dont work

Can anyone guide me on how to install these correctly?

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Bonsoir DMGunner.,

Look at the last two conductors if you see it have sleeved conductor that is the switch loop format so one of the switch loop conductor will be hooked to the black conductor the other one will go to the luminaire ( brown colour for modern code ) and the bleu conductor will go to old black conductor ( netural )

And look at the switch point to make sure the colours are matched up before you turn it back on.

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