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So I have this opening into a "mini" living room that i converted to a bedroom, i decided to get french doors. The problem is they did not have an exact size, so some custom work may have to be done. Second i dont know what to do in terms of procedure. I've been watching lots of videos and i havent found one that fits my current situation.

The Opening to the room is as follows:
Height : 8'0
Width : 5'10

The New French Doors (frame included) :
Height : 8'2 1/4
Width : 6'1 1/2

I wasn't sure if it would fit or not if i took off the moldings off, and/or what i could do if i didnt. :furious:

Pictures w/ Descriptions.

Heres the opening to the room, as you can see the moldings make the opening a little too small for the frame to fit perfectly.

The moldings (am i spelling that right?)

The new French Doors. Specs above

Help me , Criticize me anyway you want! :thumbsup:

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Well---you own it now --so pull off the trim and look at the rough opening and see what you will need to do to get that opening wider.

Post another picture or two showing the opening and the ceiling.

We need to figure out if that's load bearing and if it is--how much weight is on it.

Am I guessing right that this is a second floor and the house has a hip roof?

Are the ceiling joists setting on that wall or running parallel to it?

Why didn't you order a door to fit the opening? Can that one be returned? How good are your carpentry skills?

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Welcome to the forum MrPham.

You won’t gain what you need just by removing trim. The opening needs to be reframed including the header.

If that’s not a load bearing wall then it’s not that big of a deal. If the wall is bearing you may be screwed on a "simple fix".

Start by answering "all" of Mikes questions.

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Welcome to the forum!

Does it meet minimum room size for a bedroom (7' x 10')?

It's own light (natural), and ventilation?

It's own required heat source?

Do you have a smoke detector in the "converted" bedroom?

Is there a window directly to the outside of minimum egress size? So a fireman can move your unconscious self, overcome by smoke to safety?

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