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Help Please! Unknown Pipe question with Picture

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Good evening. I have a picture link of some strange pipes coming vertically out of a circular cement patio.

Does anyone know what they could be for/from?

If so, safe removal strategies?

Thank you
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Left to right looks like gas water and electric you should have them capped off and they are probably empty but if somebody wanted to use in the future for outdoor barbecue or sink kitchen you wouldn’t want it filled with water and dirt you could check in the house basement crawl to see if those pipes extend into there and if there are shut off valves will explain exactly what they are

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Ok thank you. There is no basement, the home is in California built on a slab. I have no idea where they lead but there must be a connection somewhere.
As far as the gas goes, it obviously has big potential for problems. Go to where your gas meter is located and see if there's a yellow pipe like that at it. I'm betting there is. Efflorescence disconnected there you can safely remove it without a problem. The other one looks like a electrical conduit which probably terminates at your electrical panel. The 3rd 1 as mentioned previously is probably for water, by any chance is there a circular hole at concrete level that could be a drain?
To get rid of these pipes, you have to check if any of them is connected. Find out.
Disconnect at the point of entry to disable them.
Then cut the slab around the stub outs, cut them off and cover with new concrete.
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